The Present-Day Lorain Station Historic District

More than forty businesses, including many antiques and collectibles shops, line the Lorain Station corridor. Restaurants and cafes, retail stores, specialty shops, and much more are all located with the historic district.

The Lorain/Denison Merchants Association has served the District for over twenty years, engaging in a diversity of programs and services for its betterment. These activities include the Re-$tore Cleveland program, maintenance and design, economic restructuring, sponsorship of beat patrol officers and other safety-related programs, support for the addition of historic monuments and public art, community events, and much more.

To commemorate its rich historical origins, historic monuments are scattered across the district landscape. One of the focal points of the district is the Veterans Administration garden and mural located at Lorain Avenue and West 94th Street. The recently completed mural by local artist Cliff Clay captures the history and diversity of the district, displaying a series of trolley cars and servicemen of the American Armed Forces.

Another recently-installed public art display, the Trolley Turn-Around Project, also recalls the history of the Lorain Station Historic District. Installed at the former site of a trolley "wye" is a life-sized abstract sculpture of the front section of a trolley car. The West 100th Street and Lorain Avenue "wye" was used to reverse the direction of the trolley cars operating on Lorain Avenue.

Also planned is the Lorain Station Pictorial History Display. Through an award from the City of Cleveland's Cityworks small grant program, one of the newly renovated buildings will showcase pictures and photographs from the District's trolley car era.

The streetscape of the Lorain Station Historic District has been beautified with the addition of several basic aesthetic components. A series of trolley poles reminiscent of the days of the electric streetcar is located throughout the District. Additionally, historic markers have been positioned to distinguish the historic identity of the Lorain Station Historic District. The district is seasonally decorated with flower baskets suspended from the trolley poles and second stories of buildings. During the holiday season, festive lighting illuminates Lorain Avenue, with twenty-five attractive "falling star" light fixtures installed from Thanksgiving to New Years. For patriotic holidays, visitors are greeted by American flags waving throughout the District.

Special events held in the District include the annual National Night Out Against Crime Cookout in which the entire community is invited to meet neighbors, eat great food, and have lots of fun. A Visit with Santa event affords area youths the opportunity to meet with Santa, share refreshments and enjoy entertainment provided by the Lorain/Denison Merchants Association. In the past, other festivals and events have taken place in the District as well, with more being planned for the future.


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